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MineralStream™ - Shower Drain Hair Catcher

Say hello to an unclogged, simple, and convenient life.

Cleaning a clogged drain is one of those tasks that will make your face get red. Anti-clogging a drain, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, is usually a headache-inducing task that requires careful attention. 

MineralStream™ - Shower Drain Hair Catcher is the perfect solution for preventing your bathroom tubs, or shower drains from becoming clogged by hair, or anything else.

Cover your drains with this to prevent your valuables, such as rings, from being washed away by the water in the drain pipes.

What you'll get:

  • Convenient use: No need to screw it in your sinks, floor. Simply place it on the opening and let its suction cups do the magic.  
  • Sturdy grip: The four sturdy suction cups underneath the silicone drain cover give it a good grip that prevents it from slipping on a wet surface.
  • Doesn't affect water flow: The evenly distributed mesh of holes on the cover ensures that the water flow is not affected by it.  Draining and filtering is done efficiently and simultaneously.
  • Easy to clean: The drain cover can easily be removed, making it feasible to clean it conveniently. The small handle design makes it easy to lift and wash when not in use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Jaleel Hilll

We have been struggling to find a hair catcher for our bathtub drain for a long time! Finally came across this and thought we might as well give it a try. I tested it with the water turned on, it seemed to work really well! I will have to try it out tomorrow when I take a shower and see how well it catches hair but it works great for draining water through and now sits nicer on our tub!

Hugh Doyle
Works perfectly

My tub is from the 70s with a small thin metal grill that won't always stay in place. There is also a crossbar just inside the hole so many replacements won't fit. I took a chance on this even though I questioned it's efficacy due to the apparapparently large spaces.- nor did I need 5 of them. I just put this on top of the existing grill.

When I turn the water on the force can move the catcher a bit, but once the shower is running it will stay. It works surprisingly well, completely draining the water and catching any hair. I am handicapped so I can easily use the grabber to lift the hair off without having to bend into the tub.

Ally Lehner

I'm quite happy with the collection of silicone drain covers. Every drain in my house is a different size but these fit every one of them including large drain in the sink kitchen. And the colors went well with my bathroom and kitchen decor. One added bonus, the silicon drain cover gives my large glass mixing bowl something to rest on when I'm washing it so it doesn't bang around the sink.

Johnson Crist
Didn’t work at first but.....

I use these in my bathroom tub. Unfortunately my drain stopper pops up higher so these hair catchers cannot fully cover the drain. Since I didn’t want to go through the hassle of returning the product, I decided to place a couple right in the gap between the drain and drain stopper. Although suction is not as good, these hair catchers managed to stop hair going down the drain without slowing down water flow.
I also like the colors because they aren’t too bright.

Ricky Howe
It gets the job done

After having to snake the drain and use drain cleaner for the millionth time, finally decided to get a hair catcher and idk why i didn't get one sooner. The silicone material keeps it in place.

Georgiana Miller
These are perfect for a flat drain

I love these things. I had my shower and tub replaced by a large walk-in shower that is all tiled and has a flat drain, so I couldn't use my tub shroom anymore to catch my hair before it goes down the drain. I was a bit skeptical about these things because they looked pretty simple, they work like a charm. I have to say that I place it on top of my drain upside down so that all of the little protrusions are sticking upwards, but it works very well!