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MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head 2.0 1 Shower Head

MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head 2.0

"Love this shower head! Our pressure is terrible and this compensates perfectly. My wife said her hair is really clean for the first time since moving here."

- Andy W.


Enjoy a luxurious Spa experience with our high-pressure Mineral Stream 2.0

MineralStream™ 2.0 Shower Head 👍

  • Removes Bacteria & Heavy Metals.

  • Up to 2 Times Increased Water Pressure

  • Improves Hair & Skin Health

  • Saves up to 30% on Water Usage

  • 3 Shower Modes For Spa Like Shower

  • Filters Bacteria, Heavy Metals & Hard Water

  • Up to 2 Times Increased Water Pressure

  • Improves Hair & Skin Health

  • Saves up to 30% on Water Usage

  • 3 Shower Modes For Spa Like Experience

Other Shower Heads 😕

  • Allow harmful chemicals into your water.

  • Damaged hair and skin health.

  • Weaker water pressure and settings.

  • Wastes up to 60% of water usage.

  • No spa-like modes.

MineralStream™ 2.0

The "Spa Multifunction" shower head removes chlorine and negative ions, which greatly helps the skin to absorb more nutrients.

The Mineral Stream 2.0 shower head is bio-active, in fact it contains stones that help cleanse, tone, revitalize, regulate the skin's PH while purifying the water without adding soap or other harmful products . Which will prevent you from  damaging your skin, hair and scalp.

Softer Water For increased skin health

Most people have no idea the importance of water on our hair & skin health. 

When showering we breathe dangerous chemicals & absorb them through our skin. The Mineral Stream shower head compacts water through 3 types of mineral beadsdesigned to filter and soften the water whilereducing bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine & fluoride.

The Best Shower Experience With The Least Amount Of Water...

The Mineral Stream™ saves 30-35% water and increases the water pressure by 200% . The 250 thin, laser-cut holes of our shower head ensure the best shower experience possible.

With this increased water pressure, you may think this new power might be unpleasant. However, this unique design with 250 laser cut holes makes the water that is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch

Softer Water For increased skin health

What exactly is hard water?

Water becomes "hard" when it has a higher than normal concentration of minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium.

Hard leaves a film of soap scum on the skin leading to clogged pores and breakouts. It also dries out your skin so people with psoriasis or eczema will often experience increased dryness and irritation.

Hard water minerals can add buildup on the scalp and hair leaving it dry, frizzy, and weighted down. It can also affect your scalp making it dry and flaky and increasing dandruff. Ever noticed an orange, green or brassy tint to your hair? The combined effects of hard water and chlorine can alter your hair color.  

Reducing water hardness can dramatically change this

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The Sustainable Option

Save water, and help save the planet

Economical & sustainable

All of our shower heads are designed to consume less water, with an average of 30-35% less water used per shower. This can save up to $250 per year on your water bill!

Perhaps more importantly, with less water used per shower, this is a much more sustainable option. If everyone has a MineralStream™ 2.0 Shower Head, up to130 to 150 billion litersof water will be saved per year.

Questions Answered By Real Customers!

Can't find question? call us +1 (866) 819-4959 or email us support@mineralstream.co

How often should I replace the mineral stones and where can I get them?

The average amount of water that can be filtered is 27,000 liters (7,000 gallons), which is equivalent to about 8-10 months of showering. You can purchase new filter stones at www.mineralstream.co

What is the difference between this shower head and other similar shower heads sold online?

The Mineral Stream™ is designed to last and filters the water in a soothing way. In addition, the water pressure of the green shower is twice as powerful as that of standard shower heads.

Does the connection of The Mineral Stream™ shower head fit every household?

Yes, The Mineral Sream™ has a standard connection just like other shower heads. This means that the shower head fits perfectly in 95% of households. So you don't have to worry about installation problems. If you still have doubts, we offer a shower hose that fits.

Can I really save money using The Mineral Stream™ shower head?

The Ionic™ eco-friendly shower heads are designed to dramatically increase the pressure of your shower water while reducing the amount of water you use in your showers. As a result, relatively less will be spent on fixed costs.

Shipping & Delivery

**Covid Delays**Due to this seemingly never-ending virus, logistics all across the world & specifically the US delivery time can take a little longer than you would normally expect. Once you have ordered MineralStream™ Shower Head, current shipping times average 8-14 daysbefore you receive the product. Orders are processed within 24-48 hours.

When your product is shipped, you will receive a notification by e-mail.  

If you need more detailed information, send an email to support@mineralstream.co and we will help you!

We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

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Customer Reviews

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Manuel Perez

MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head 2.0

David Winstead

MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head 2.0

Philip Rowland
Love it

Love the pressure easy to use

Matthew Jaffe
Great cleaner water

We luv it water feels cleaner stronger send more beeds

Mark Echols
Waiting for replacement

I installed the shower head and it was leaking from on/off switch. Emailed and asks what to do. Was advised to send video, did so and was told I’d be receiving a replacement. So far I’m still waiting. That said even with the leak (which is a pain) we are please with the shower stream and the overall experience. We did see an increased in pressure which is nice. Assuming we get the replacement to eliminate the leak - we’ll be very pleased so far.

Gwendolyn Roberts

I have not received it yet.