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Enjoy a luxurious Spa experience with our high-pressure Mineral Stream Shower Head!

    Only The Finest Germanium Mineral Stones Make It Into The Ionic Shower Head

    • Anion Stones

      Contain negatively-charged ions that extract impurities from shower water, protecting your skin barrier and keeping it soft.

    • Tourmaline Stones

      Known for their healing properties and ability to purify water, they are also good at keeping your hair shiny, healthy, and smooth.

    Ionic Shower Head vs Ordinary Shower Head

    • Ionic Shower Head

      MineralStream™ Ionic

      ✅ 2 types of Germanium stones (anion and tourmaline) 

      ✅ Up to 2x increased water pressure 

      ✅ Mineral stones filter chemicals and impurities, soften hard water

      ✅ Reduces water usage by 30%

      ✅ 3 spray modes for a spa-like experience

    • Other Showerheads

      ❌ Cannot filter harmful chemicals or soften hard water 

      ❌ Low water pressure 

      ❌ Damage the pH balance of skin and hair

      ❌ Wastes 60% of the shower water 

      ❌ No spray modes

    The Best Shower Experience With The Least Amount of Water

    The Mineral Stream Ionic Shower Head saves 30-35% water, and increases water pressure by 200%. Our innovative shower plate features 250 laser-cut holes that push out a small amount of water at great speed. Thus, you can enjoy powerful, gentle showers while saving on utility bills!

    Even in low water pressure areas, the Mineral Stream Ionic Shower Head provides high pressure showers. Plus, it’s built to last and suitable even for kids, pets, and the elderly – that’s how soothing it feels on the skin!

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    Powerful Yet Soft!

    The thin laser-cut holes provide more water flow with the same water pressure. There are three modes you can use:

    1. Rainfall, 2. Jet Mode, 3. Massage

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    Softer Water for Increased Skin Health

    What exactly is hard water?

    Water is called "hard" when it has a higher than normal concentration of minerals, primarily calcium and magenesium.

    Hard water leaves a film of soap scum on the skin leading to clogged pores and breakouts. It also dries out your skin so people with psoriasis or exzema will often experience increased dryness and irritation.

    Hard water can also add to buildup on the scalp and hair leaving it frizzy, dry and weighed down while making the scalp dry and flaky and increasing dandruff. This can increase hair loss and brittleness of hair.

    The Original Mineral Stone Filter System for Your Skin, Hair, and Shower Fixtures

    Hard water causes skin issues like acne, allergies, rashes, and eczema as well as hair issues like dandruff, dryness, and hair loss. It also leads to mineral build-up that reduces the lifespan of bathroom fixtures.

    Mineral Stream’s Original Mineral Stone Filter System – comprising two types of water-softening Germanium stones that only need to be changed every 4 months – is the easiest way to get rid of hard water, limescale, chlorine, and other impurities.


    Can't Find Questions? Call Us +1 (866) 819-4959 or Email Us support@mineralstream.co

    How often should I replace the Mineral stones & Crystals?

    We recommend changing the stones every 4-6 months, depending on how harsh your water is in your area. You can get the replacement stones from www.mineralstream.co

    What is the difference between this Showerhead and other similar showerheads sold online?

    The Original Mineral Stream is designed to last and filters the water in a soothing way. In addition, the water pressure of the green shower is twice as powerful as that of standard shower heads.

    Does the connection of the Mineral Stream shower head fit every household?

    Yes, Mineral Stream has a standard connection just like other shower heads. This means that the shower head fits perfectly in 95% of households. So you don't have to worry about installation problems. If you still have doubts, we offer a shower hose that fits.

    Can I really save money using a MineralStream shower head?

    All of our showerheads are designed to increase the pressure of the water while actually reducing the amount of water you use in your showers. Less water consumed translates to less hot water consumed which translates to less gas/electricity bill on heating as well as lesser water usage bill.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 796 reviews
    Greatest Improvement In My Entire Renovation

    This thing is EVERYTHING they promote. Anyone who says it’s not, has a personal issue or a plumbing issue.

    My house and it’s plumbing is 1930. The pipes have reduced the flow to damn near nothing. I put this head on and it COMPLETELY changes the showering experience with an install time of about 24 seconds. It’s truly awesome, in essence.

    Best Buy of 2021

    This hands down was my best buy of 2021 so far. Heard about on tik tok and it was worth every penny. Very easy to installed. What I recommnend is not using too much plumber tape or it will cause it to leak. Take a little of at time if does leak till it stops. I did that and it does not leak at all. The water pressure is huge improvement from what we had before and for other sinster

    Well worth it! My bum feels so clean!

    This thing is amazing!

    I have been plagued with low pressure issues since I moved into my rental.

    A hard day at work can only be remedied by a nice and satisfying shower, which I was definitely not getting. Being in a back house caused the water pressure from the shower to be extremely lackluster. After two years, I decided enough was enough!

    Found this and bought it because of the great reviews.

    I also bought the other recommended items; the hose and the diverter/holder. Install was extremely easy, and everything feels pretty solid. I used the packaged plumber's tape to ensure that there were going to be no leaks.

    At that point I was anxious to turn this bad boy on, so I Stripped buck naked and hop in.

    Freaking GLORIOUS.

    The water pressure was strong. The 3 modes are nice, and I prefer the second setting. Water feels softer, but that might be a placebo effect. Nothing else I can say other than I got no regrets!

    Stay clean my friends!

    Easy install

    So far so good. Super easy install and the water pressure fits my needs. Please note that it’s only the shower head! You’ll need to purchase the hose and holder separately.

    HOLY MOLY!!!

    I am BEYOND happy with this shower head!!! I’ve had a shower head I bought from a department store and figured my little water pressure was the best I was going to get in my apartment. Boy was I wrong! Saw an ad for one of things and thought “why not, I’ll try it. What’s the worst that can happen”.... It was super easy to install on to my existing shower head and cord and the moment I turned on the water, the amount of pressure that came out of it was mesmerizing! I am beyond happy with this purchase and absolutely recommending it to everyone I know!

    It’s the best damn shower head I have ever owned

    I like that it has three settings (the middle one is my favorite). It increases water pressure, allows for shorter shower times and saves water. It’s lightweight, easy to install and worth every penny.