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Military Graded Lasers Are Here

Forget weak gadget shop lasers and experience the quality of a laser used in combat.

Military Graded Lasers Are Here

Forget weak gadget shop lasers and experience the quality of a laser used in combat.

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TurboFan Shower Head

Based on 400+ reviews

Chakra Shower Head

Based on 650+ reviews

Ionic Shower Head 2.0

Based on 150+ reviews

LED Shower Head

Based on 275+ reviews

Ionic Shower Head 3.0

Based on 830+ reviews

Mineral Stream Original

experience a shower like no other 

That's right - there's nothing quite like a high pressure, money saving, bacteria filtering, shower head.

save money

deep cleanses skin

filter bacteria

help save the Earth

best in the market

the only shower head that does it all

Shower heads are probably the most overlooked part of a bathroom when it comes to a well needed upgrade. But, why not experience the pleasure of a bacteria free, high pressured shower?

bacteria filter smoothes & softens the skin

Filled with dozens of bacteria killing filtration balls, the MineralStream shower head will have your skin and hair feeling super soft and smooth. Guaranteed.

what our customers think

It saves me so much money on my water bill that it's hard to believe.

Shower head reviewed by Grace. L

Just amazing! I love the water pressure and the amount of money I've saved over the last month has been astonishing. My skin has never been softer and I highly recommend it.

My skin and hair feel so much smoother. I wish I bought this sooner.

Shower head reviewed by Mia. C

Wowee! This shower head is a game changer. I've had an old, weak, shower head for almost 5 years and I thought it's time for an upgrade. The water definitely makes me feel a lot cleaner. 5 Stars.

The water pressure really did catch me by surprise when I turned it on.

Shower head reviewed by James. S

It's literally like having a 5 star hotel shower, every time you use this thing. The pressure is amazing, the filter definitely makes my water cleaner, and overall it's a great shower head for the price.

save the earth, your wallet, & your skin

How so? Well, our shower heads have been specifically designed to deep cleanse your skin, save money by using less water but still maintaining pressure, and filtering out any unwanted chemicals from your water.