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15 Stage Filtration Fixed Wall Shower Head

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Discover the ultimate in water purity and design elegance with the MineralStream 15 Stage Filtration Fixed Shower Head. Engineered for perfection, this essential bathroom fixture ensures you don't just shower but indulge in a therapeutic experience every time.

✔️ 2-in-1 shower head that combines a fixed shower head and a water filter 

✔️ Comprehensive 15-stage filtration system to remove impurities, reduce chlorine, and soften hard water

✔️ 360° adjustable rotation feature ensures an all-encompassing cleanse

✔️ Maintains the pH balance of your skin and hair, making them look healthier and more radiant 

✔️ Eliminates the need for externally filtered water to wash skin and hair

✔️ Hassle-free installation – no tools or plumber needed

✔️ Available in Chrome & Black 

    15 Stage Filtration Fixed Wall Shower Head
    15 Stage Filtration Fixed Wall Shower Head
    15 Stage Filtration Fixed Wall Shower Head
    15 Stage Filtration Fixed Wall Shower Head
    15 Stage Filtration Fixed Wall Shower Head
    15 Stage Filtration Fixed Wall Shower Head

    Introducing the new & revolutionary

    15 Stage Filtration Fixed Wall Shower Head

    Better for Your Health. Better for the Planet.

    Clean Water. Radiant Skin & Hair.


    • 2-in-1 Filtration Shower Head

      No need for an external filter! This 2-in-1 shower head combines your classic fixed wall shower head with a 15-stage water filter so that you get clean water instantly every time you shower.

    • 15 Stage Filtration System

      Innovative 15-stage filtration system comprising ionic mineral stones, stainless steel mesh, PP cotton, vitamin C, KDF 55, and more to soften hard water and remove unwanted elements like chlorine, bacteria, dirt, and rust.

    • Easy-Wipe, Anti-Clog Spray Holes

      No more struggling with mineral build-up! The easy-wipe, anti-clog spray holes prevent mineral/mold build-up and just need to be wiped for an instantly refreshed look.

    • 360° Adjustable Rotation

      Reach every contour of your body with ease thanks to the 360° rotation feature of this shower head. Simply reach out your hand to adjust the shower head according to your needs.

    • Improved Skin & Hair Health

      The 15 Stage Filtration Fixed Shower Head eliminates water hardness and impurities, resulting in better skin and hair. Say goodbye to acne, rashes, dandruff, and hair fall.

    • Easy to Install and Maintain

      All you need to do is unscrew your old shower head and screw on your new one using the plumber’s tape! No tools or plumber’s assistance needed. Additionally, its high-quality build ensures easy maintenance.

    • The 15 Stage Filtration Fixed Wall Shower Head features a 15-stage filtration process that eliminates all impurities in your shower water including chlorine, rust, bacteria, limescale, sand, heavy metals, and dirt. 
    • Combines a shower head and water filter, for a 2-in-1 experience
    • Softens hard water to give you natural, spring-like and soft water in every shower.
    • Removes all irritants that post a threat to your skin and hair health.
    • Maintains the pH balance of skin and hair by protecting them from hard, dirty water.
    • Reduces limescale even in high concentration areas of chalk and calcium.
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      Install this on your own with ease in any standard shower! No tools are required, just a hand-tightened connection and a bit of plumber’s tape that is included. No leaks or cracks.


      Featuring a Chrome or Black finish, this 15 Stage Filtration Fixed Shower Head will fit right into your bathroom design, elevating its appearance and adding a touch of luxury. 


      Our 15-stage filtration system softens hard water, reduces limescale even in high-concentration areas of chalk and calcium, and filters out chlorine, bacteria, dirt, and rust.


      Unlike ordinary shower heads, the 15 Stage Filtration Fixed Wall Shower Head is made of high quality, durable materials to last you a long time.

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    Choose Clean, Soft, and Unchlorinated Water

    Showering with clean, soft, and unchlorinated water is important for your overall health. Hard and chlorinated water irritate skin and hair, and leave behind a residue that makes it difficult to get clean. Soft, unchlorinated water, however, is free of these minerals and also prevents over-drying.

    With 15 Stage Filtration Fixed Wall Shower Head enjoy soft, clean, and unchlorinated water every time you shower. No need for an external water filter when your shower head can do it all!

    The Ultimate Wall Shower Head for Spa-like, Sustainable Showers

    The 15 Stage Filtration Fixed Wall Shower Head gives you more range of motion, improves water quality, softens hard water, and helps you clean yourself more effectively.

    The high pressure also makes it more water-efficient, preventing unnecessary water waste. Say hello to clean, spa-like, and sustainable showers every day! 


    Can't Find Questions? Call Us +1 (866) 819-4959 Or Email Us

    What is the Stainless Steel Ultimate Showerhead for Mineralstream?

    The Stainless Steel Ultimate Showerhead for Mineralstream is a premium shower accessory designed for enhanced durability, aesthetics, and performance, ensuring a luxurious and revitalizing shower experience.

    Why choose a stainless steel showerhead?

    Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity and consistent water flow. It also offers a sleek, modern appearance, making it a stylish addition to any bathroom.

    Does the showerhead come with mineral beads like other Mineralstream products?

    Yes, like other Mineralstream products, the Stainless Steel Ultimate Showerhead is equipped with mineral beads that enrich the water, providing potential health and wellness benefits during your shower.

    How do I install the showerhead?

    The Stainless Steel Ultimate Showerhead is designed for easy installation. Typically, you can screw it onto your existing shower arm without the need for special tools. Always refer to the included instruction manual for detailed installation steps.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Audrey Ayala
    Simply go for it.

    Impressed by the magnificent 15-stage filtration! Skin and hair feel radiant and healthy. Installation was a breeze, should have invested earlier.

    Irini Williams

    Love this! Fantastic water purity and designer elegance. Black colored one suited my bathroom design.

    Lynda Boswell
    Works Great

    This top-notch filtered shower head offers an exceptional bathing experience. The comprehensive 15-stage filtration delivers pure water and embraces skin and hair health. Installation is a breeze. Highly recommend!

    Sara Douce
    Breeze Installation

    This is brilliant! My skin and hair have never looked better and the installation was a breeze. A definite must-have for healthier showers.

    Lisa Kassens
    Softens my skin

    Absolutely pleased with this 2-in-1 shower head. It filters and softens water brilliantly with no pressure drop, and installation was easy

    Samantha Fairman
    Truely Impressed !!!

    A wonderful bathroom addition! This shower head filters impurities brilliantly, maintains skin and hair's pH balance, and offers an easy install. Truly a transformative showering experience.