MineralStream Detangler Comb Shower Head

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Unlock the ultimate grooming experience with the MineralStream Detangler Comb Shower Head.

This innovative, unique design effectively combines the functionality of a high-pressure shower head and a gentle detangling comb. Enjoy a spa-like, pampering shower while conveniently combing your hair, ensuring a much smoother, quicker morning routine!

✔️ High pressure shower head + detangling comb
✔️ Retractable comb bristles
✔️ Use the button to easily increase or decrease the length of the bristles
✔️ Use the bristles to detangle your hair, massage your head, distribute shampoo thoroughly, or deep-clean the scalp
✔️ Especially great for those with wavy or curly hair looking to do hair treatments at home
✔️ Removes dead skin cells & improves blood circulation
✔️ Can be used with or without the bristles
✔️ Suitable for both humans & pets
✔️ Soothing rainfall-like spray
✔️ Easy to install & easy to clean
✔️ Made from high-quality materials for durability
✔️ Available in Chrome & Black

    MineralStream Detangler Comb Shower Head
    MineralStream Detangler Comb Shower Head
    MineralStream Detangler Comb Shower Head
    MineralStream Detangler Comb Shower Head
    MineralStream Detangler Comb Shower Head
    MineralStream Detangler Comb Shower Head
    MineralStream Detangler Comb Shower Head

    Introducing the new & revolutionary

    MineralStream Detangler Comb Shower Head

    Better for Your Hair. Better for the Planet.

    More Comfort. Less Tangling. 


    • Detangles Hair Easily

      The retractable bristles gently detangle wet hair, preventing breakage and allowing for better cleaning. Great for those with wavy or curly hair. In fact, it can also work for pets with long fur!

    • Stimulates the Scalp

      Massaging the scalp with these bristles and high pressure (yet gentle) water can improve blood circulation, which is known to aid hair growth. Plus, a scalp massage reduces stress!

    • Evenly Distributes Hair Products

      The detangler comb allows for better, even distribution of hair products like shampoo or hair masks across the scalp and through the hair strands. This allows for better absorption of the products as well!

    • Removes Dead Skin Cells

      Remove dead skin cells, dandruff, and dirt from the scalp easily with the retractable bristles of our Detangler Comb Shower Head. A clean scalp is essential for hair growth.

    • At-Home Salon Hair Treatments

      For salon-style hair treatment, wet your hair, apply a hydrating hair product, and use the bristles to distribute the product evenly. Then, massage the scalp with high pressure water for the ultimate soothing experience.

    • Easy to Install 

      Enjoy hassle-free installation that does not require tools or professional assistance. Simply remove your old shower head and screw on your new Detangler Comb Shower Head!

    Wash, Protect & Pamper Your Hair at Home, Salon-Style

    Ordinary shower heads can be harsh on hair, leading to tangles, frizz, and breakage. Often, people have to spend additional time detangling their hair before a shower.

    However, the MineralStream Detangling Comb Shower Head has soft, retractable bristles that gently glide through your hair, removing tangles with ease and distributing hair products evenly. It can save you money on hair treatments at salons and give you a relaxing experience at home. 

    Easy and Quick Installation

    No need to struggle with confusing tools or call a professional plumber – the MineralStream Detangler Comb Shower Head can be easily installed by anyone! 

    Here’s all you need to do:

    1) Unscrew your old shower head
    2) Screw on your new MineralStream shower head tightly
    3) Turn on the shower and enjoy!

    Make sure your shower fittings are of standard size – you really don’t have to worry about anything else.


    Can't Find Questions? Call Us +1 (866) 819-4959 Or Email Us support@mineralstream.co

    What is the MineralStream Detangler?

    MineralStream Detangler is a shower head combined with a comb which lets you comb while washing your hair. You can also use the shower even if you are not washing your hair and it works like a regular hand held shower.

    Does the showerhead come with mineral beads like other Mineralstream products?

    No, this showerhead does not come with mineral beads for filtration. We would suggest using a MineralStream Shower filter with this showerhead to protect your hair.

    How do I install the showerhead?

    The MineralStream Detangler Comb Shower Head is designed for easy installation. Typically, you can screw it onto your existing shower arm without the need for special tools.

    Shipping and Delivery

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Sneha B
    High Quality!

    Monkeyed around with this a bit, and I must admit, the materials used are top-notch. Bristles are durable and the shower head lasts long.

    Selina V
    Amazing Detangler

    The gentle yet effective detangling of the comb has made mornings hassle-free. Add10. Functional Brilliance
    This product offers everything from a soothing spray to improving blood circulation and skin cell turnover. A brilliant addition to my morning routine.

    Amy O
    Stylish Durability

    The chrome finish of the MineralStream Detangler shower head adds a dash of style8. Soothed and Smooth
    The Shower head’s gentle detangling and high-pressure water make for a spa-like shower experience. My morning routine is smoother and quicker.

    Margo D
    Compact Innovation

    The MineralStream Comb Shower Head ingeniously melds a comb and a shower head, ma17. Multifunctional Wonder
    The comb shower head not only cleanses but also massages the scalp. A multifunctional device that truly enhances your bath time.

    Snehal Ruiz
    Natural Experience

    The MineralStream Detangler shower head was a game-changer for my routine. The co5. A real game-changer
    This showerhead has transformed my daily ritual. From detangling my waves to delivering a soothing rainfall-like experience, it does it all.

    Tenielle S
    Skin Refreshment!

    Helix mineral infusion left my skin feeling soft and stunning.