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MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head 2.0 1 Shower Head

MineralStream™ Shower 2.0




Ionic Shower 2.0

Spa like experience at home. Made of high quality abs material.

Filters Bacteria & Hard Water

Beads are softening the water and filtering heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride

Energy Balls: Adjusts PH value of water.


Infrared Mineral Balls: Purify and remove 99% of the toxins from water.



ON/OFF Switch: Helps you lose weight naturally to slim down more in shape


Negative Ion Ball: Relive fatigue and promote metabolism. 


Improves Hair & Skin Health

When showering we breathe dangerous chemicals & absorb them through our skin. The Mineral Stream shower head is designed to reduce bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine & fluoride.


Softer Water For

Increased Skin Health

Hard water minerals can add buildup on the scalp and hair leaving it dry, frizzy, and weighted down. The Mineral Stream shower head softens the hard water.


Up to 200% Increased Water Pressure

250 laser thin holes allow for amazing pressure increase

Questions Answered By Real Customers!

Can't find question? email us support@mineralstream.co

How often should I replace the mineral stones and where can I get them?

The average amount of water that can be filtered is 27,000 liters (7,000 gallons), which is equivalent to about 8-10 months of showering. You can purchase new filter stones at www.mineralstream.co

What is the difference between this shower head and other similar shower heads sold online?

The Mineral Stream™ is designed to last and filters the water in a soothing way. In addition, the water pressure of the green shower is twice as powerful as that of standard shower heads.

Does the connection of The Mineral Stream™ shower head fit every household?

Yes, The Mineral Stream™ has a standard connection just like other shower heads. This means that the shower head fits perfectly in 95% of households. So you don't have to worry about installation problems. If you still have doubts, we offer a shower hose that fits.

Can I really save money using The Mineral Stream™ shower head?

The Ionic™ eco-friendly shower heads are designed to dramatically increase the pressure of your shower water while reducing the amount of water you use in your showers. As a result, relatively less will be spent on fixed costs.

Shipping & Delivery

**Covid Delays**Due to this seemingly never-ending virus, logistics all across the world & specifically the US delivery time can take a little longer than you would normally expect. Once you have ordered Mineral Stream™ Shower Head, current shipping times average 8-14 daysbefore you receive the product. Orders are processed within 24-48 hours.

When your product is shipped, you will receive a notification by e-mail.  

If you need more detailed information, send an email to support@mineralstream.co and we will help you!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 259 reviews
Love it

We live the water pressure that this puts out. Alot better the the old one we had. Plan on getting another one for my other shower. Will definitely pass the word along.
Thank you

Misty Goodness

This product is pretty sweet. I like the mist and control I have over it. I would have like it to have a little bit of power behind the water and it took me minute to see the side switch, overall, I am satisfied with the shower head and the cost.

Satisfaction satisfaction satisfaction

OMG it's true !!!
I rarely leave a comment
but this product is worth taking a photo and leaving a review
you guys can check this photo
i don't need to describe

Super shower head!!

This product is AMAZING. YALLLLL My skin feels so soft and my hair feels so soft and zero heat itch and the knots in my back are gone And I didn’t realize how crappy my old shower head was until today when I got this one I’m in love with it.

Great product will recommend.

I like this shower head because it gives steady and strong water showering. At first I was not used to the strength of the water streams. Later on I was able to get used to it and even felt it provided a massage feeling. Although I couldn’t tell if it really filtered the water, it is a Great product overall!

5 stars

I already had one that I bought with the shower hose this DOES NOT come with the hose or attachment pieces.. This is just the shower head. Since I already had one it was super easy to replace and works well!!! The beads were filled in both areas full. Good product for the price.